Planetary Evolution

Using both novel and established rock and paleomagnetic techniques, I am trying to understand how the first planetary bodies formed and evolved by studying the magnetism of meteorites. My past projects include establishing the paleomagnetic fidelity of nanoscale intergrowths in meteoritic metal, as well as using these intergrowths to measure late-stage and long-lived magnetic fields generated by asteroids. From these measurements, I was able to infer the possible thermal evolution of the body as whole.  Currently, I am assessing the ability of inward core solidification to generate magnetic fields as well as the possibility and partially differentiated asteroids by studying the paleomagnetism of a range of ordinary chondrites.

Solar System Evolution

One direction my research will move in is focusing on the paleomagnetism of meteorites that have been proposed to originate from the outer solar system. The magnetism of these samples could shed light on the migration of planetary bodies during the first few million years of the solar system, which would allow us to hypotheses about solar system formation in general and start to explain why our solar system looks different to lots of other solar systems we are currently observing.